descriptionA value-added Python wrapper for OpenCL.
ownerAndreas Kloeckner
last changeThu, 27 Aug 2015 06:36:22 +0000 (01:36 -0500)
36 hours ago Andreas KloecknerRe-fix constant type to int64_t master
2 days ago Gregor Thalhammerfix: include mingw.mutex.h in addition to <mutex>
2 days ago Andreas KloecknerPy3 fix for the PyPy fix
2 days ago Andreas KloecknerPyPy fix
2 days ago Andreas KloecknerMake compatible with MinGW (patch by Gregor Thalhammer)
4 days ago Andreas Kloeckner(Not just OS X) GL interop fixes from Gregor Thalhammer
4 days ago Andreas KloecknerAdd undocumented capture_as kwarg to ElementwiseKernel
5 days ago Andreas KloecknerAdd -mmacosx-version-min=10.7 to OSX build options...
8 days ago Andreas Kloecknerclrandom: Use vector store instead of vstore4--unnecess...
9 days ago Andreas KloecknerFix capture_call for calls after set_scalar_arg_dtypes
10 days ago Andreas KloecknerImplement Array.squeeze (based on work by Simon Perkins...
11 days ago Andreas KloecknerUse more CL-friendly type names in type registry
11 days ago Andreas KloecknerRemove unneeded typedef from bitonic sort
13 days ago Andreas KloecknerFix: Make -std build argument the problem of
13 days ago Andreas KloecknerMake -std build argument the problem of
13 days ago Andreas KloecknerSpecify libc++ as the stdlib on OS X
6 months ago v2015.1
15 months ago v2014.1
22 months ago v2013.2
2 years ago v2013.1
3 years ago v2012.1
3 years ago v2011.2
4 years ago v2011.1
4 years ago v2011.1beta3
4 years ago v2011.1beta2
4 years ago v0.92
5 years ago v0.91.4
5 years ago v0.91.3
5 years ago v0.91.2
5 years ago v0.91.1
5 years ago v0.91
5 years ago v0.91beta
36 hours ago master
6 weeks ago bitonic-sort
8 weeks ago deprecated-boost-python
8 weeks ago cffi
2 months ago gpl-special-functions
10 months ago cffi-c++0x
13 months ago test-get_host_array
15 months ago yuyichao-cffi-fixes
15 months ago yuyichao-master-fixes
2 years ago truncate-to-32-bit-in-f2cl
3 years ago generic-templating-helper
4 years ago nanny-events
4 years ago ranlux-host-init
4 years ago mac-gl-interop-from-ian
5 years ago holger-mandelbrot-2
5 years ago holger-mandelbrot