descriptionA value-added Python wrapper for OpenCL.
ownerAndreas Kloeckner
last changeSun, 5 Jul 2015 18:45:49 +0000 (13:45 -0500)
42 hours ago Andreas KloecknerDo a better job psychoanalyzing POCL's calling convention master
42 hours ago Andreas KloecknerEnqueue code generation: handle empty arg lists
46 hours ago Andreas KloecknerDisable Apple build for the time being
46 hours ago Andreas KloecknerFix rounding in slicing (David Wei Chang)
47 hours ago Andreas KloecknerBump pytools dependency
47 hours ago Andreas KloecknerMerge t:src/pyopencl
47 hours ago Andreas KloecknerRemove a few more _skip_if_pocls for fixed pocl tests
47 hours ago Andreas KloecknerFix enqueue func generation for Py2.6
2 days ago Andreas KloecknerPy3 fix: xrange
2 days ago Andreas KloecknerCode generation for kernel enqueue and work around...
2 days ago Andreas KloecknerRestructure pyopencl.__init__ imports
4 days ago Andreas KloecknerAdd POCL test
4 days ago Andreas KloecknerUpdate pocl xfails around modf/frexp
4 days ago Andreas Kloecknerfrexp() returns integers as exponents
4 days ago Andreas KloecknerXFail user event test on POCL
4 days ago Andreas KloecknerMerge cbs-macbook-pro:pyopencl
4 months ago v2015.1
13 months ago v2014.1
20 months ago v2013.2
2 years ago v2013.1
3 years ago v2012.1
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5 days ago deprecated-boost-python
6 days ago cffi
5 weeks ago gpl-special-functions
9 months ago cffi-c++0x
12 months ago test-get_host_array
13 months ago yuyichao-cffi-fixes
13 months ago yuyichao-master-fixes
2 years ago truncate-to-32-bit-in-f2cl
2 years ago generic-templating-helper
3 years ago nanny-events
3 years ago ranlux-host-init
4 years ago mac-gl-interop-from-ian
4 years ago holger-mandelbrot-2
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