descriptionPython wrapper around boost.mpi, nicely packaged.
ownerAndreas Kloeckner
last changeThu, 15 Oct 2009 18:56:31 +0000 (14:56 -0400)
2009-10-15 Andreas KloecknerOops: actually distribute master
2009-10-15 Andreas KloecknerSwitch from setuptools to distribute.
2009-08-25 Andreas KloecknerTrack py.test 1.0 marker changes.
2009-06-22 Andreas KloecknerFix command-line invocation of skeleton-content test.
2009-06-16 Andreas KloecknerAllow external control of MPI_Init/Finalize.
2009-06-15 Andreas KloecknerMake a common facility for to-python-as conversions.
2009-06-15 Andreas KloecknerAdd simple buffer interface sending. (from hedge, origi...
2009-06-15 Andreas KloecknerHold a shared_ptr to the environment to avoid crashes...
2009-06-14 Andreas KloecknerFix skeleton_and_content test.
2009-06-14 Andreas KloecknerBe more shifty about the name under which to find the...
2009-06-14 Andreas KloecknerFurther fixes to the automated tests.
2009-06-13 Andreas KloecknerAdapt to py.test.
2009-06-01 Andreas KloecknerIgnore .pyo files.
2009-05-07 Andreas KloecknerMake generic wrapper for boost::optional<T>. Use for...
2009-05-06 Andreas KloecknerUpdate aksetup_helper to find include paths for develop...
2009-05-06 Andreas KloecknerAdd support for python develop.
7 years ago v1.37.0
6 years ago master