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last changeSun, 4 Sep 2016 23:11:19 +0000 (18:11 -0500)
2016-09-04 Andreas KloecknerFix licensing (for real), bump version, fix doc inclusion master v2016.1.2
2016-09-04 Andreas KloecknerUpdate to changed tetgen license, bump version v2016.1.1
2016-08-26 Andreas KlöcknerMerge pull request #24 from inducer/revert-23-master
2016-08-26 Andreas KlöcknerRevert "Exposing voronoi edges and facets."
2016-08-25 Andreas KlöcknerMerge pull request #23 from dnkrtz/master
2016-08-25 aidanExposing voronoi edges and facets.
2016-08-09 Andreas KloecknerForce make_tuple into boost::python:: rather than std:: v2016.1
2016-08-09 Andreas KloecknerIgnore pytest's cache directory
2016-08-08 Andreas KloecknerAdd automatic doc build
2016-08-07 Andreas KloecknerTetgen: expose edgeadjtetlist (Issue #20)
2016-08-07 Andreas KloecknerBump version
2016-06-29 Andreas KloecknerAdd gmsh quad/hex node ordering
2016-06-19 Andreas KloecknerGmsh: fix unicode treatment in error path
2016-06-19 Andreas KloecknerBump Py3 CI tests to Py 3.5
2016-06-05 Andreas KloecknerGmsh: beginning support for quad elements
2016-06-05 Andreas Kloecknergmsh: Add ScriptWithFilesSource, rename LiteralSource...
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