descriptionIterative methods (Conjugate Gradients) on sparse matrices for CUDA
ownerAndreas Kloeckner
last changeFri, 21 May 2010 10:35:04 +0000 (06:35 -0400)
2010-05-21 Andreas KloecknerGuarded divide, improved convergence checking. (report... master
2009-11-23 Andreas KloecknerPlug memory leak in CG. (patch by João Muranho)
2009-11-23 Andreas KloecknerFix compile with CUDA 3.0beta.
2009-08-01 Andreas KloecknerAdd "take_ownership" constructor parameter to cpu_csr_s...
2009-07-31 Andreas KloecknerTweaks and an example.
2009-07-31 Andreas KloecknerSolving with diagonal preconditioner works.
2009-07-31 Andreas KloecknerCG appears to work.
2009-07-30 Andreas KloecknerCG compiles. Untested.
2009-07-30 Andreas KloecknerCode up diagonal preconditioner.
2009-07-30 Andreas KloecknerAdd memory pools and elementwise functionality.
2009-07-30 Andreas KloecknerWorking reduction.
2009-07-30 Andreas KloecknerVerified matrix multiply works.
2009-07-30 Andreas KloecknerSimple matrix multiplication appears to compile.
2009-07-30 Andreas KloecknerCloser to actually applying matrices.
2009-07-29 Andreas KloecknerFurther tweaks.
2009-07-29 Andreas KloecknerMore build tweakage.
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