descriptionAn experimental particle-in-cell (PIC) code
ownerAndreas Kloeckner
last changeTue, 13 Aug 2013 00:32:31 +0000 (19:32 -0500)
2013-08-13 Andreas KloecknerUpdate setup infrastructure master
2010-05-23 Andreas KloecknerFix a few warnings in tests. github/master
2010-04-22 Andreas KloecknerBring KV predictor closer to Lee's book.
2010-04-04 Andreas KloecknerSave amount of decay in phi to log manager.
2010-03-29 Andreas KloecknerAdd memory estimates for method comparison, to avoid...
2010-03-28 Andreas KloecknerFix kv3d experiment runner.
2010-03-28 Andreas KloecknerAvg groups: Add a cast that seems necessary on hpcgeek.
2010-03-28 Andreas KloecknerNaN debugging code for polynomial pushing.
2010-03-28 Andreas KloecknerGrid dep perf: Only perform back-transform on nonzero...
2010-03-28 Andreas KloecknerFloating point robustness fixes in grid deposition.
2010-03-28 Andreas KloecknerDon't output j as debug output when optimizing shape bw.
2010-03-26 Andreas KloecknerPIC experiment updates.
2010-03-26 Andreas KloecknerAdd a virtual destructor to advective dep state, just...
2010-03-26 Andreas KloecknerPrint LDG-found divergence error along with Central.
2010-03-26 Andreas KloecknerFix an import error in the test suite.
2010-03-26 Andreas KloecknerUse previous BCs in hyperbolic cleaning.
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